Castle of Burn

Developed by D&D Dream

It is an easy-to-control hunting action game that a gamer grows!

Game Features:
+ Neat UI, lovely image, and flashy effects!
+ Everyone can enjoy the easy and simple combat system!
+ A female warrior, "Blue", and the wizard, "Elsa", characters!
+ 11 items of various weapons and armors
( Option in accordance with the probability, three levels of upgrade, and unlockable additional attributes )
+ Other various items!
( rings, potions, and magic scrolls.. )
+ Unknown dungeon!
( Possible to enter 9 types of dungeons by using the mystery stones )
+ Various quests will help you to reach the level 99!!!!
+ Glamorous and powerful transformation system (3 levels) different for each character
+ Monsters in various patterns (60 species) and dreadful bosses (10 species)!
+ Support Gamecenter , Google Play Service ranking

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